Terms and Conditions

Rug Repair Company Ltd Terms and Conditions

By signing the Cleaning and Restoration Schedule you instruct us to go ahead with cleaning and/or repairing of your rug(s) and you accept our terms and conditions and enter into a contract with us- you agree to pay the prices listed in exchange for the services described on the cleaning and repair schedule.

If your rug(s) are collected and you are not available to sign this form then we will assume, unless you inform us otherwise, that you agree to these terms and conditions.

All rugs are cleaned and repaired at your own risk and we will not be responsible nor liable for any damage caused during the cleaning and repair process carried out by us or our partners.

You, Your, Yours refer to you- the customer of Rug Repair Company Ltd.

We, Us, Our, Ours refer to Rug Repair Company Ltd and Rug Repair Company Ltd members of staff and subcontractors.

Quotations We will do our best to provide you with the most accurate quotation for the work based on the information you give to us. We reserve the right to change the quoted prices when additional information becomes available (for example: when exact measurements are available or when we have inspected the rug(s) in person). If we state TBC (to be confirmed) on the cleaning and restoration work schedule then we will confirm the cost with you and we will seek your acceptance of the price with you before we carry out the work. If the prices quoted are based on the sizes of rugs provided by you- we reserve the right to adjust the prices accordingly on the invoice if these sizes are found to be wrong.

Work instructions We will do our best to describe as accurately as possible the work we propose to carry out and its results to you. Please let us know if further explanation is required or if you have any special instruction as to how you would like us to repair/restore your rug(s). It is your responsibility to ensure you understand the work we will carry out on your rug(s) and we are not responsible for any misunderstanding. If you are not available to discuss your needs in person, it is your responsibility to convey your expectations to us in writing (including e-mail) or if you have appointed a 3rd party- via them.

Valuations Any valuations of rugs provided to you by us, whether in writing, by e-mail or verbally are our opinion and based on our experience, expertise and knowledge. We are not responsible for any discrepancies between this and valuations provided by someone else.

Cleaning and Repair Services Standard Terminology

Clean/ Wash– general thorough cleaning service, including dust removal, we will clean your rug including its fringes. Whilst in most cases we are confident many stains and marks will be removed and any unpleasant odours will be neutralised, there are many factors that we cannot control: the nature of the soiling/staining, how long ago it has occurred; as such we cannot guarantee the stains and odours will be 100% eliminated.

Stain Removal– an attempt to remove stains and marks from the rug’s surface. As the nature of every stain and rug is different we are unable to guarantee a 100% success rate, but we will strive to improve the appearance of the rug.

To Secure– remedial work aimed at preventing any further damage to the rug

To Repair– to improve the rug’s appearance and integrity by using the existing part(s) of the rug (warp, weft, pile). It might involve removing damaged part(s) of the rug.

To Replace– to replace the old part of the rug with a new, similar part.

To Re-build– to add the missing part(s) of the rug using similar materials of similar quality and colour. This could include re-piling, re-weaving or patching.

To Restore– to repair, replace and re-build parts of the rug in order to make it look as close to the manner it looked originally as possible

Colour matching- when carrying out any replacement, repair and restoration work we will do our best to match the colours of the new yarns as closely as possible to the existing ones, achieving 100% colour match is not always possible.

Moth treatment- application of a solution to the surface of your rug to kill any existing moth larvae and eggs. This is not a preventative measure

Storage Storing your rugs for you will attract the following charges- £1 per square meter (total area of the rugs stored, rounded up to the nearest meter) per week. We will not be liable for any damage to the rugs whilst stored. If we prepare the rugs for storage for you then we will not be liable for any damage to your rugs whilst being stored (e.g. moth damage)

Collection and Delivery We offer free collection and delivery service of your rugs. To minimise our CO2 footprint, we always try to schedule many deliveries/ collections on the same day and we ask you for your understanding and co-operation. We reserve the right to apply a small charge for special deliveries/ collections where unique arrangements must be made or when you are not available at the previously agreed time/date or when you have changed your mind following our collecting your rug and wish us to return it to you without carrying out any work.

Timing We will do our best to ensure all work is completed within the time scale stated on the sheet. This timescale is only for indicative purposes only and on some occasions, it may take longer to carry out the work.

Rugs Supplied by Us All relevant statutory consumer laws apply.

VAT All prices marked with ‘+VAT’ are subject to additional charge equal to the Value Added Tax rate at the ruling rate at the time of the invoice issuance

Payment Acceptable forms of payments are: cheques made payable to Rug Repair Company Ltd or direct bank transfers made to

Account Number: 00015541

Sort Code Bank: 82-68-12 (Clydesdale)

Payments for cleaning and repairing services are due on the completion of work(s). If we agree for you to pay after the rugs are delivered- the payment must be made within 7 days. If you fail to make the payment, we might employ debt recovery agents and litigation to recover the money owed. Additional costs that this process might incur will be added to your bill and you will be liable for them. All goods supplied by Rug Repair Company Ltd remain our property until paid in full by clear funds

Failure to pay We reserve the right to sell your rug(s) at a public auction in order to recover the cleaning and/or repair cost incurred by us, if you fail to pay for the service or do not respond to us regarding collecting / having the rugs delivered / paying for the cleaning and/ or repair work within 28 days of us informing you, or attempting to do so, of your rugs being ready. We will write to you 2 weeks before your rug(s) are auctioned advising of this step.

Complaints and Disputes We strive for all customers to be 100% satisfied with our service. Please send all your complaints in writing to our correspondence address: Riverside Mills, Dunsdale Haugh, Selkirk, TD7 5EF. We will respond to any complaints within 28 days of their receipt.

Variations Any variations to these conditions must be in writing and signed by our staff or email from our official email account.

Contact us in writing Any written correspondence must be sent to Riverside Mills, Dunsdale Haugh, Selkirk, TD7 5EF.